To other people, you are other people.

I am Patrick Tolosa: a software developer, speaker and self proclaimed mentor… essentially an opinionated idealist on the topics of technology, software and people. I work for Cloudinary, where I’ve been putting pixels in clouds since 2020(Yes, that 2020!), where I’m leading a team of excellent developers focused on innovation.

In my free time I volunteer as a mentor in various Facebook groups in Israel, assisting developers and managers with the complexities of modern-day software development.
I’ve been on Making History Podcast(Hebrew) and I’ve been a guest speaker in JR Devs Israel(Hebrew, Youtube).
Aside from that, I host my own lectures, such as This one on how to become a Senior Developer(Hebrew, Youtube), where I enjoy spending my time with helping the community with what I can.

My main interest is people, and more specifically the intricacies of what makes a group of people collaborate and cooperate successfully together.
I strongly believe that team communication is a key factor is determining success.

I don’t often create original ideas, but I consider myself a collector of fine intellectual property, and as mentioned, an opinionated collector at that.
This property allows me to better expose and share impactful material to other people which is what I enjoy most.